About Us

Technology is an ever-changing and evolving landscape. Your business needs a team who can navigate this fast-paced mighty river and keep you ahead of the curve.

With over 40 years of combined experience in a wide variety of technology sectors, radio and broadcast, and customer service, the ATAK Consulting Team has your back with custom solutions, every step of the way. And we’re small enough to always remember your name, and each member of our team will develop and maintain a relationship with you that is friendly and understanding.

We provide a wide array of services to get your small business or office up and running, and humming along at peak performance.

We can provide consulting and design your website, host your website, provide full-featured professional office phone systems, provide office technical supplies procurement service and support, advise on technical aspects of an office deployment, and much more. If its related to technology, and getting a small business up and running, we do it.

In addition, our media productions and technical team can’t be beat for radio and television voiceover work, spot production, and even full-featured Internet Radio Broadcasting.

From the website on up to the bandwidth and hosting resources to get you known around the world, we will tailor a custom solution for your needs.

In addition, if you are in Ontario, Canada, and require PC technical support or repair, our service technicians with 20 plus years of experience are ready to help. Whether its an operating system reinstall, or software installation, or driver problems, we’ll get your computer running like it was brand new again.

Please visit our Contact Page to inquire about any of our services today.