Internet Radio Broadcast & Streaming Services

Remember the good old days of AM and FM radio? Whether you were in a car, a business, or your own home, you could always count on memory-making music and news. You could tune the dial and always find great music and talk radio. You would develop a special bond with your favourite DJs, as you went about your day. You would call in and vie for your lucky chance to win contests, or to request a dedication for your sweetheart.

Fear not, those days have not gone away, they’ve just changed a bit, and for the better! Now you get to be the boss! The entire world is your audience, and the Internet is your platform!

With ATAK Consulting’s full-featured Internet Radio and Streaming platform, you’re in control of the radio station! Upload and manage your own music or talk content, create as many playlists as you like, organize and define your rotations, schedules, and more! Broadcast live to your audience, set up DJ logins and profiles, control who and what gets broadcast at any time. Keep your station online 24/7 with our automation tools. Automatic album art let’s your listeners see what artists want them to see as they listen. Let your listeners request anything they like from your station, and have it automatically played with no intervention required. Upload, manage, and allow your listeners to engage with you and your DJs or content creators with full Podcast capabilities. Custom full audio processing to give your station that nice phat sound of the FM dial. Keep your station legal with detailed and granular listener and content reporting, auto-generated licensing codes for each song, stats and graphs for song performance, view listeners by device, country, and more.

If all of this sounds like way too much fun, and you can hardly wait to get on the air, please fill out the form below, and one of our knowledgeable sales personnel will get back to you with a quote, and will help you design and develop a custom radio station plan, just the way you want it.

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