Server Hosting

Do you like to be in control? Do you like to be in the driver’s seat? Do you like the best high performance servers?

ATAK Consulting’s dedicated and virtual private servers are the answer. With fully unmanaged, to fully managed dedicated and virtual private servers from the leading providers and networks in the industry, ATAK Consulting puts you in charge of your entire server infrastructure, from end-to-end.

Choose from a wide variety of operating systems and software stacks, with full root and administrator access. With our dedicated servers, you are the only one who is using the resources. This ensures that you get nothing but the best performance, all the time, from your servers. Plus, your data is only accessible to you, and whom ever you give access to, ensuring security and privacy that you are in full control over.

With our virtual private servers, get the same level of control and performance, at a fraction of the cost. We ensure that our hypervisors are never over sold, and when noisy neighbours become a problem, we seamlessly migrate your machines to a less busy server.

Contact ATAK Consulting today for your free consultation and professional recommendations on the resources you’ll need. Don’t pay a dime more than you need to. Call us toll-free at 1-888-819-9799.